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Let's listen to the voice of the earth...    Profile:  Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth"    The plant music unit "Seed of Earth", formed in the fall of 2017, is a duo of piano & vocal Chiyo Kaiga, African djembe & vocal Kackey@dabigtree (known as his nickname "Kackey").    Each is a singer-songwriter who combines European-born pianos, African drums and mixed vocals to create music from the inspiration felt by all things in the world.    They are also good at improvising to create music on the spot, using the device of Music of the Plants called "Bamboo" developed in northern Italy, and they do session with the music of the plants as if talking with them.    Based in Kansai area of Japan, they have been performing at various places in Japan and overseas, including performances at shrines and temples such as Izanagi Jingu Shrine and Todaiji Temple, etc.

Seeds of Earth


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Music of the Plants “Seeds of Earth”

Music of the Plants “Seeds of Earth” formed in 2017, are two artists from Kansai, a piano & vocal Chiyo Kaiga, and an African djembe & vocal Kackey @ dabigtree.
Those talented singers who spin inspiration from all things in nature, are also active as a lyricists and composers, and have backgrounds in classical and gospel.

The songs of various variations produced from piano, djembe, and mixed chorus DUO are a treasure trove of imagination. In addition, the world view of sound that improvises by fusing "Music of the Plant" * with pop music revives the memory of the soul that people have forgotten in ancient times.

Considering music as a universal language, we will share the energy of joy by promoting international exchange through music activities not only in Kansai and other parts of the country, but also in Europe, India, Tanzania tours, etc.

【Main works】
Sri Lanka and Japan friendship theme song, radio program theme song, local government, corporate image videos BGM, new product PV theme song, their original music provided.

* "Music of the Plants" is a new music genre that uses the device "Music of the Plants – Bamboo" that converts the bioelectric potential of plants into "sound".

Music of the Plants "Seeds of Earth" / Daichi-no-Tane, formato nel 2017, è un'unità musicale composta da Chiyo Kaiga [piano e voce] e Kackey @ dabigtree [Djembe e vocale].
Entrambi sono un compositore e un cantante / cantautore.

Trasformano i messaggi dal sole, dalla luna, dal vento, dall'acqua, dal mare, dalla terra e dallo spazio nella loro musica

Sono inoltre specializzati in musica d'improvvisazione e particolarmente bravi nelle sessioni di musica utilizzando i dispositivi di Plants of the Music, "U1" e "Bamboo", che rilevano i biopotenziali delle piante e li converte in suoni sintetizzatori ed è stato sviluppato nel Nord Italia.

植物音樂 大地の種/地球種子,成立於2017年,是由Chiyo Kaiga [鋼琴和聲樂]和Kackey @ dabigtree [非洲Djembe和聲樂]組成的音樂單元。



植物音乐 大地の種/地球種子,成立于2017年,是由Chiyo Kaiga [钢琴和声乐]和Kackey @ dabigtree [非洲Djembe和声乐]组成的音乐单元。




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